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Anxious about the possibility of intrusions due to lost keys? Moving to a new house in Terrebonne and are not sure how to rule out the possibility of the previous homeowner using the home key to come in? At Locksmith Terrebonne, we provide cost-effective security solutions. When the lock is intact and rather durable and there is no need to change it, we simply rekey locks in Terrebonne offices or homes. The service is done quickly by expert pros and with the most appropriate equipment found in the market of Quebec.Rekey Locks Terrebonne

What is lock rekeying?

Lock rekey involves the replacement of the pins found in the cylinder to only fit a new key – and not the original one. This is the best method to rule out the possibility of anyone walking into your house or office. So ex-tenants and employees or other people who might have gotten hold of your personal keys won’t have access. Since such pins are found only in cylinder locks, they are the only ones re-keyed. But this service would also include a master key system.

How locks are re-keyed?

Since the main objective – when we rekey locks – is to replace the pins, we remove the cylinder and along its pins. And we install new pins. There are pins and springs in each cylinder lock. When you put the key in the lock, the upper line of pins moves up to the shear line and thus the key finds room to go in and then turn to open or lock the door. In the case of simple cylinder locks, we replace the pins and use a key replacement to cut its edges so that the notches will fit the new pin configuration. In the case of master locks, the configuration of the pins is slightly different so that there is room for two different keys to open the door. With the replacement of the pins and key change, security is restored.

In either case, you can count on the experience of our locksmiths. Our pros have the skills to rekey locks in Terrebonne and provide the service as soon as possible. Call us if you need more information, quotes, or service.

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